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Social Values Policy

At Jakto Transport Limited our social values policy is to operate our business to assist our customers to maximise social, economic and environmental wellbeing of local communities in accordance with The Public Service (Social Value) Act 2012.

Economy & local business

• Creating employment within the local communities.
• Diverse employment strategies
• Apprentices, we are looking at various roles within our site teams to promote, fund and mentor the next generation of civil engineers.
• Work placement schemes for local schools and colleges.
• Local school and college visits e.g. careers talk’s, safety talks, curriculum, or literacy support.
• Training opportunities, providing our current employees with new skills.
• Taking people out of unemployment
• Providing career advice and/or mentoring
• Using local preferred suppliers, voluntary groups, and agencies
• Promoting social value in your supply chain e.g. using suppliers who operate apprenticeship schemes, have ISO accreditations.


• Reducing carbon footprint/pollution and improving air quality e.g. reducing mileage, energy-efficient equipment.
• Decreasing congestion e.g. car-sharing (if Covid-19 allows) and cycle to work schemes
• Minimising waste e.g. re-use and recycling
• Using environmentally friendly goods
• Saving energy e.g. energy efficient lighting and equipment
• Sustainability e.g. FSC timber products,
• Operating an ISO 14001 environmental management system.
• Helping improve public spaces e.g. parks

Charities & Local Support

Jakto Transport Limited is committed to supporting Charities and Local Community Groups in the areas in which we operate. We believe that as a responsible business, we must actively contribute to helping others financially, with our time, energy and leadership.

We aim to be an inspirational company that is recognised for the good that is given back to our local communities and employees.

Our primary goal is to genuinely improve the position of the causes that we support. The secondary, but equally important goal, is to engage our employees in these activities as we recognise it is good for the development and self- awareness. Whilst there are a number of worthy projects and causes, we have to focus to ensure that we are effective and that we support others to the best that they can be.

• Supporting local charities.
• Helping local community groups (e.g. amateur sports clubs or social groups) – financial or any other support
• Ethical suppliers e.g. Fair Trade
• Community engagement e.g. involving residents
• Promoting social integration e.g. work opportunities for disadvantaged people
• Supporting local culture and heritage
• Hosting community events
• Volunteering
• Supporting a healthier community and promote staff well-being
• Helping vulnerable people to live independently
• Supporting local crime reduction
• Helping to reduce homelessness


Wigton Moor School
“On behalf of Wigton Moor Primary School we would like to say thank you to Balfour Beatty, Leeds City Council and Jakto for their support with our field development project. Over a year ago we had a big idea of transforming our school playing field and installing a discovery
trail. This would allow all pupils access to the field throughout the year and enhance the education that they are receiving. Our Friends of Wigton Moor took on the challenge for fundraising for this project and with the support of your company the trail was installed during Summer 2019 and the pupils have been on it every day since. Without the support of your company we would have not been able to have the work completed for at least another year so we cannot say a big enough THANK YOU. We would particularly like to thank Cherie Paterson (Balfour Beatty), Ian Gibson (Jakto) and most importantly Declan and Craig (Jakto) who undertook the excavation work to such a high standard.”

Work Placement Officer Leeds College of Building

“The successful partnership between Balfour Beatty, LCC, Sub Contractors and Leeds College of Building has helped many of our students gain practical and academic skills. The experiences have not only benefitted the student’s CV’s but may have directly contributed to them securing an apprenticeship opportunity. We look forward to adding many more Community projects, talks, site visits and competitions to our busy programme.”

Student – Three-day placement with Jakto
Student Leeds College of Building – 2 Weeks Work Experience

I found my time on ELOR a really valuable experience. The team were amazing to work with and I am really looking forward to coming back for some more work experience.

Student – 2-week placement – Two Days Placement with Jakto

During my time with Leeds City Council and Balfour Beatty on the ELOR project I really enjoyed exploring the site with members of the team, they all helped me to understand the project and the construction industry. I was really welcomed by the staff; I can’t wait to come back.


Goldthorpe Embankment – Dearne Area Team

Great to see a disused railway embankment in Goldthorpe brought back to life and transformed for community use by collective action with support from @BarnsleyCouncil @networkrail @CoalfieldsRegen @ClaireD15462697 – Source / Twitter: @goldthorperc_lp